Winning Phone Scripts

Develop a winning phone script that gets you in the door and in front of a potential customer.

Jeb Blount
February 16, 2009
Episode #044

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We received this question from Bob, an inside sales rep from my old stomping ground, Atlanta, GA. Bob writes:

I am in inside sales and my funnel is anemic. I have a problem creating good scripts that will lead to relationships. If I can get in the door I can push the sales cycle. However, just getting on the call with the right decision maker using the right script is a problem. How do I work on that?

Bob, this is an excellent question and I applaud you for reaching out for help. That takes a lot of courage. I’m also pleased that you see the value in scripts. Most people in your situation flounder because they won’t use a script. But without a script they shoot from the hip and bet their quota and income, on the roll of the dice. In sales winging it is a fast track to failure.

Of course, like you Bob, many salespeople struggle to develop scripts that work. That is understandable because there are few sales training programs that are designed specifically to teach sales professionals how to write scripts. Think about it. Politicians, actors, news anchors, and speakers use scripts. For them having a good script is the only way to be successful. But few of these people actually write their own scripts. Instead they have professionals who do the work for them; and most of these professionals have gone to school or have years of experience in writing scripts.


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