How to be More Likable

Likable people are more successful in business and life. They get elected, promoted, and rewarded more often. They make more money, get better service, and close more deals. Learn how to increase your likability.

Lisa B. Marshall,
August 8, 2014
Episode #145

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Tip #2: Empathize and Commiserate

Say you just met someone and established an initial rapport. Good start. Now, the next step is to shift the focus from you to them. Empathize, commiserate  and reveal shared beliefs. Here’s a basic example:

You: “How was your trip?

Work acquaintance: “We didn’t get in until after midnight because our flight was delayed.”

You: “It’s frustrating and tiring to get in late, especially after a day of long meetings. Maybe Joe will let you leave work a little early today. I’m sure he’d understand. He’s been in your shoes many times.”

Or it could be a simple as hearing someone sigh and you respond by saying, “Sounds like you’re having a tough day. Anything I can do to help?”

When you give someone the space to be heard—unconditionally—you increase your likability. There's a lot that people don't get to talk about during their day because of time and work constraints. Whenever possible, give people the opportunity to vent to you without the fear of being judged. They will not only be grateful, but perhaps curious (and more favorable) about the person who consistently offers this type of gift.

Next week we’ll pick up from here with 4 more tips for increasing your likability. This is Lisa B. Marshall, The Public Speaker, passionate about communication, your success is my business. 


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