Disc or Disk?

Some drives are called discs and other drives are called disks.

Mignon Fogarty,
January 30, 2011

Disc or Disk?

Optical discs like CDs are spelled with a "c," and other kinds of computer storage media such as floppy disk drives and external hard drives are spelled with a "k."

Although there is some disagreement, Stedman's medical dictionary recommends the spelling "disc" for all medical uses. You can remember that "optical" has a "c" in it and the spelling "disc" for optical drives and biology (like your optic nerve) also are spelled with a "c."

  • I stored my data on a compact disc.

  • I have a slipped disc in my back.

  • Does anyone use floppy disks anymore?

  • The disk failed in my external hard drive.

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