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Does your worst typo top these?

Mignon Fogarty
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Episode #205

funny errorsIn this week's article, I'm going to share some of the funniest stories people have told me about errors that went out in e-mail messages and published materials.

The reason I have so many funny stories to share is that a few days ago I made an embarrassing error in the Grammar Girl e-mail newsletter. I called the Christian Science Monitor the Christian Scientist Monitor, and I was mortified. I posted a sad message to the Grammar Girl Facebook page and people started sharing their stories to make me feel better.

Pretty soon I was laughing instead of crying, and I just had to pass the best stories on to you.


To me, some of the funniest stories are where typos and religion mix.

Molly accidentally sent out a memo that was supposed to say “Meet with Chris in Tulsa.” Instead it said “Meet with Christ in Tulsa.” She said they joked that they never imagined the Second Coming would be in Oklahoma.

And then there's Jason who was making business cards for a church and accidentally set the type so that the church was offering a holy massage from God. I bet that feels heavenly.

Finally, I won't spell it out for you, but Kirby had a hilarious story about a pamphlet that left out an important letter in the title of the “Book of Titus.” Apparently some men suddenly thought the church seemed a lot more appealing.


References seem to be a place for embarrassing typos. Christina once got a recommendation letter for a job applicant who was reported to be a fat and accurate typist instead of a fast and accurate typist.

Yvette once got a frantic call from an office admin wanting her to find and destroy a letter that had accidentally been sent out calling someone a horrible man instead of an honorable man.


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