Strunk and Twite

Confused about which grammar rules to observe when you're limited to 141 characters?  Here's a Twitter style guide.

Mignon Fogarty,
December 10, 2009


Grammar Girl's Strunk & Twite: An Unofficial Twitter Style Guide (in which every entry is < 141 characters)

» Don't start posts with “I am.” You're answering the question, “What are you doing?” It's OK to answer with fragments in a conversation. rationale

» Use proper capitalization. Typing in lowercase doesn't save characters; it's just lazy.

» Use proper basic punctuation. It helps people understand what you mean.

» Don't use abbreviations such as 4U and L8. They make you sound like a 12-year-old (which is bad, unless you actually are a 12-year-old).

» Use contractions whenever possible.

» Shorthand symbols such as >,  =, &, and @ are allowed.

» Shortened word forms such as nite and thru are allowed (except for Grammar Girl). rationale

» Use numerals, not words, for all numbers.

» Provide links and context whenever possible. Remember that many of your followers can't see what you are responding to.

» Use tinyurl or http://is.gd to shorten links.

» If you can't say it in 140 characters, reevaluate whether you should be posting it at Twitter. rationale

[Note: Grammar Girl will not respond to grammar questions on Twitter that take > 1 minute of research. Complex questions are for the show.]

Credit for the name "Strunk & Twite" goes to Cathleen Rittereiser.

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