How to Do a Fitness Walk

 Learn how to do a fitness walk that will burn fat, build lean muscle, and allow you to exercise anywhere without a gym or exercise equipment.

Ben Greenfield,
February 26, 2013
Episode #127

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Here are videos for each of the exercises in this fitness walk:

Hindu Squat

Mountain Climber

Reverse Lunges


Russian Twist

  1. Walk for 4 minutes. Make sure it is a brisk walk in which you swing your arms vigorously and practice deep breathing.

  2. After 4 minutes, stop and do 15-20 Hindu Squats.

  3. Start walking again – for another 4 minutes. Then stop and do 15-20 Mountain Climbers

  4. Walk again for 4 minutes, and this time stop and do 10-15 Reverse Lunges for each leg.

  5. Walk again for 4 minutes, then stop and do 10-15 Push-Ups.

  6. Finally, walk another 4 minutes and do 10-15 Russian Twists per side.

  7. Now you start over, and continue the cycle, for up to 80 minutes. Of course you can just do 1 circuit for a quick 20-minute walking workout!

That’s it! You now know how to get a great cardiovascular workout with some added body toning moves too. Enjoy your fitness walk!

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