Which Weight Machine Is Best?

Is the "Nautilus" any more effective than a traditional weight training machine? Get-Fit Guy weighs in. 

Ben Greenfield,
May 25, 2013

Which Weight Machine Is Best?

 by Ben Greenfield

If you happen to be a member of a gym or health club, you may have seen workout machines called “Nautilus” in the weight training area.

Unlike a traditional weight training machine, a Nautilus actually changes the resistance as you push or pull—meaning that the harder you work, the harder the machine “works” back at you.

But are these fancy machines any better than a regular weight training machine? A recent study actually looked into this. In the study, they recruited 33 young men and assigned them to the following three groups:

  • Regular weight training machines
  • “Nautilus”-style machines
  • No training at all

It turns out that training with the fancy Nautilus machines produces greater resistance to fatigue and a higher testosterone response compared to regular machines. And both of those are good things for anyone wanting better fitness! But there wasn’t much of a change in the way the muscles actually looked.

So ultimately, unless you’re an extreme athlete trying to maximize every tiny bang for your buck in the weight room (in which case you may not want to use machines at all), don’t worry about using the fancy machines to get a better body.

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