Can Your Genes Make You Fat?

Is there such a thing as a fat gene or genetic obesity? Can you turn off your fat genes? Discover whether your genes can make you fat, and what you can do about it.

Ben Greenfield,
June 24, 2013
Episode #143

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But exercise isn’t the only way to reduce the effects of your fat genes. You can easily turn genes on and off with your lifestyle, your diet, and even your emotional state. As a matter of fact, you are changing your genetics or pulling specific genetic triggers daily, and even hourly, with the type of foods you eat, the quality of the air you breathe, the physical activity you do (or don’t do), and even by the amount of stress in your life. An entire field of study called epigenetics is devoted to this dynamic changing and on-off switching of genes.

For example, not getting enough nutrients from your diet, or cigarette smoking, or long term exposure to toxins and pollutants can affect not only your own gene expression, but also the health, propensity for disease, weight, and life of your children and even your grandchildren!

So the good news is that you can not only stop your own fat genes, but you can make the right decision for generations that come after you too! Need help getting started? Check out the episode What’s the Minimum Amount of Exercise You Can Do?, and for a routine customized to your own unique body type (which is based on your genetics) check out GetFitGuy.com.

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