How to Treat Back Pain?

 Learn doctor-approved techniques for treating your back pain

Sanaz Majd, MD,
November 22, 2011

Tip 1:  Be Careful

Don’t pretend you can do things that you actually can’t. Only lift things that you know you can handle, and lift by squatting rather than bending over.

Tip 2:  For Muscular Back Injury, Try the Following:

  • Take anti-inflammatory pain medications (and check out Nutrition Diva's episode about foods that fight inflammation).

  • Use ice and heat

  • Don’t let your back get stiff. Do these back exercises to help your muscles heal much faster. 

  • Get more sleep. Sleep lets your muscles relax, so if your pain is keeping you up, the muscles might not loosen up. Combination pain and sleep medications are useful for this, and your doctor can give you something stronger if over-the-counter medications aren’t enough.

Tip 3:  Talk to Your Doctor if You Have Any of the Following:

  • Back pain or sciatica that is severe

  • Pain that persists despite you taking measures to get it better

  • Pain that has sudden onset with no clear cause

  • Weakness or numbness in your legs

  • Loss of control of bowels or bladder (which could signify damage to the spinal cord)

Back Pain image courtesy of Shutterstock