Organizing Solutions for Your Medicine Cabinet

Looking for a few organizing solutions to get your medicine cabinet under control? Here are a few of Domestic CEO's favorites.

Amanda Thomas,
January 27, 2014

Getting your medicine cabinet organized and functional is a fantastic little project that doesn’t take that long to accomplish. If you’re looking for a few creative ideas for getting this job done, here are some of my favorite products:

  • The Container Store sells the Linus Medicine Cabinet organizer.  This handy helper is perfectly sized to fit on a standard sized medicine cabinet shelf and organizes toiletries, tubes, and bottles while utilizing your shelf space more efficiently. This plastic organizer fits 3-inch depth medicine cabinets. Priced at a low $5.99, this is an inexpensive fix to a messy medicine cabinet.

  • The InterDesign Med+ 12-Inch High Rise Organizer includes 4 compartments for easy organizing plus a high-rise shelf to maximize storage space. Measuring 5-inches by 3-inches by 12-inches and coming in under $10, this organizer is an affordable solution for any medicine cabinet suffering from chaos!

  • A magnetized notepad holder makes a great brush and comb holder when attached to the inside of your medicine cabinet door. I like the Amco Stainless Steel Magnetic Pocket Organizer which has two compartments so tweezers and nail files can be stowed in the small side and brushes and combs in the larger area.

  • The Hang Away Universal Toothbrush Holder is the perfect accessory to store your toothbrush inside the door of the medicine cabinet. Keeping toothbrushes tucked away from germs swirling around the bathroom is just plain good hygiene. This toothbrush holder even glows in the dark. How fun is that?!?

Organizing can be easy and fun with my creative, easy tips to solve all storage and clutter problems!

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