Disciplining Your Child

Mighty Mommy's technique for getting your child to listen to your instructions.

Mighty Mommy,
April 18, 2012

When your child is misbehaving, it's tempting to use negative words, like "don't pinch" and "no hitting." Unfortunately, these words often serve to remind kids what types of negative behaviors are available to them. So instead, I recommend using positive words, such as "walk away," "go play in your room," or "let go of his hair."

It's a very simple technique and works amazingly well (when I remember to use it!). When you speak in a firm voice and avoid threats, kids tend to cooperate better. When they're given easy instructions instead of empty threats or loud demands, kids won't feel as though they are pushing your buttons--something they instinctively like to do. If their actions are negative-attention driven, positive commands won't give them the desired reaction, and they will have to make a choice: Either obey the parents' instructions or don't receive the desired button-pushing reaction.

If they obey, then reward them by thanking them for listening. You really do appreciate it and you should let them know that.