The Easy Way to Ship and Track Packages!

Stever Robbins,
January 13, 2011

Use ClickNShip and Email Tracking

When mailing important documents, I save time and money using the US Postal Service Priority mail that I can print on my own laser printer. I keep a stock of USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes in my office. They’re free. When I have an important letter or a copy of my book to send out, I visit usps.com, click “Print a Shipping Label,” and print a flat-rate postage label that I just attach to the priority mail envelope. My mail carrier will then pick up the package or I can drop it in a mailbox.

There’s no reason to stop there, however. As long as you’re at the site, return to the front page and click Track & Confirm. I enter the tracking number of the package I just labeled and tell the USPS web site to notify me of all past and future package activity. Now there’s no need to remember to follow up; I’m notified when the package arrives and I know my recipient has it.

It seems the internet is good for more than just watching Justin Bieber.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock